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Thirumangalakkudi Navagraha Temple

Thirumangalakkudi Mangalambihai Samedha Pranavaradesarar Temple - To commence the Worships and the Prayers towards Surya Bhagwan in HIS Surya Dhosha Parikara Sthalam Suryanarkoil, Devotees should worship this temple prior to have Darshan in Suryanarkoil, to get relieved from the adverse effects Navagrahas. Lord Shiva is blessing as Pranavaradeswarar and HIS Consort is blessing with the Complete Marital Prosperity - Sumangali Bhagyam as Mangalambihai. Moolavar Pranavaradeswarar is in Suyambu Thirumeni. Self Manifested Form. Since the Navagrahas themselves, got cured from their disease here, the temple is a Parihara Sthalam for Diseases.

Kalava Munivar and Navagrahas - Once there was a sage named “Kalava Muni”. By his extraordinary power known as “Gnanadhrusti”, he used inform about the future life of the persons who come to him. One Day, a man came to him and asked whether he was able to know about his future. Surprised sage asked him who he was. He informed the sage that he was none other than “Kaladevan”. Through Gnanadhrusti, Sage came to know that he is very soon going to get affected by the chronic Leprosy.He knew that it would happen just because of the positions of the Navagrahas and being with the super power he requested the Navagrahas to avoid giving the disease. Pleased with the request of the Great Sage, Navagrahas obliged his request. Kalavar got happy and went to Himalayas for his Tapas. Lord Brahma Devar came to know about this happening. He told the Navagrahas that they are just the representatives and can not determine about one’s fate. Since they made Sage Kalva Muni escaped from diseases, they get the same disease. Navagrahas apologised for the mistake and requested for Remedy. Lord Brama Devar asked them to go and perform a Penance and Poojas in “Thirumangalakkudi”. Navagrahas came down to this temple and started their worship towards Lord Pranavaradeswarar. Meantime. Agasthiyar Muni visited here and came to know the happenings. He instructed the Navagrahas to worship “Mangala Vinayagar”, offer Curd Rice in a Leaf of the plnat known as “Vellerukku” as Naivedyam to Pranavaradeswarar and do Poojas after taking the Holy Bath in the temple tank. He also added that once the Poojas were over, the Curd Rice, which was offerred as Naivedyam has to be taken as a Prasadham and these Pooja formalities has to be performed consecutively for 48 Days, the period which is known as One Mandalam in Ayurvedham. The Navagrahas started their Poojas and underwent their sincere penance as instructed by Sage Agasthiyar. Meantime, when returning back from Himalayas, Kalava Muni heard about the happenings and started towards Thirumangalakkudi to visit the Navagrahas.48 Days Poojas by Navagrahas to Pranavaradeswarar - On the final day of their Poojas, with the Grace of the ALMIGHTY Pranavaradeswarar, the Navagrahas got relieved form their chronic disease of the Leprosy. They became normal. By that time Kalava Muni reached the Thirumangalakkudi and apologized for his mistake. Navagrahas blessed Kalavar and asked him to construct a dedicated temple nearer to this place with separate shrines - Upa Sannadhi for every one of them. The order was executed by kalavar successfully and the temple is now being worshipped as “Suryanarkoil”, were all the Navagrahas blessing the devotees with the separate shrine and Lord Srya Bhagwan as the presiding deity as “Surya Narayanar” with “Usha Devi” and “Chaya Devi”. Suryanarkoil is just about in 1 KM distance from here. Navagaraha Worships and the Parihara Poojas ought to be started only from “Thirumangalakkudi Temple”. Person with the disease has to perform Poojas towards Lord Pranavaradeswarar and Goddess Managalambigai with Curd Rice in a Vellerukku Leaf continuosly for 11 Sundays starting from the first one in the Tamil month of “Karthigai”, will get cured completely. The Curd Rice should be taken as Prasadham only by the persons who do Poojas for the remedies. It is very unique here in that the Sthala Vriksham - Temple Tree "VILVAM" has ELEVEN PETALS IN ITSLEAVES. Thirumnagalakkudi - the MANGALYA DHOSHA PARIKARA STHALAM is being worshipped as PANCHA MANGALA KSHETRAM. Goddess is Mangalambihai. Vinayagar is Mangala Vinayagar. Pushkarini is Managala Theertham. Tower is Mangala Vimanam and the Village is Mangalakkudi.

Suryan   Chandhran   Guru   Kethu   Budhan   Sukkiran   Saneeswararn   Raghu   Sevvai 
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