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Mahamaham Festival - The Holy Mahamaham is the one which is worshipped more sacred than River Ganges.  It is situated in heart of the temple town Kumbakonam which is an icon of the city. Like Kumbamela, the famous festival in North India, The Holy Mahamaham Festival is being celebrated once in every 12 years in a grand manner during the month of Masi and Star Maham comes on Read More ...

The Navagrahas In Hinduism, it is strongly believed that, the Planetary Gods, being worshipped as The Navagrahas will palliate the ill effects caused by the Karmas of a Person pertaining to his previous births. The Navagrahas impact upon every individual’s life start from the birth and the one’s fate is being determined by the moment of the planets from one constellation to another. Every Read More ...

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Kumbakonam Degree Coffee - The explanation is that it's not degree coffee. It's Chicory which came to be later called as tikeri and eventually became degree. Chicory helps extract more flavour from the coffee beans. The purest Milk is known as Degree Milk and the coffee prepared with became known as degree coffee. The first decoction is called the first degree, thus leading to Read More ...

Kumbakonam Betel Leaf - In our country Betel Leaves play an important role and the use dates back to even 400 B.C. The practice of chewing Betel Leaves after the meals became  common between laet 70s and 300s AD. Its importance has been described elaborately in the books of Aturveda. It has been used as a medication for many disorders like Detoxification Antioxidation and Read More ...

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Brass Sttaues & Sculptures The Story of Sculpture and Sttaues – The process of castings dates back to about 7000 Years and the metal Bronze the one being harder than Copper was discovered in the period between 4000 and 3000 B.C accidently. Importance of Bronze can be understood well by calling the era itself in its name as Bronze Era. The ancient process of Bronze Castings Read More ...

Nachiyarkoil Brass Kuthuvilakku - Even though Brass is the metal mainly as a mixture of Copper and Zinc and being the major component of copper, it is normally considered as a Copper Alloy only. The colour varies from reddish brown to even a light silverly yellow which depends on the amount of Zinc. The more amount of Zinc makes the colour lighter. It is the harder metal but Read More ...

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Tanjore Paintings also known as Thanjavur Paintings, a 500 Year Old traditional style of painting has been followed in South Indian States is flourished in Tanjore hence bearing the name. The art of Tanjore Paintings was patronized by the Kings of Marathas Vijayanagar Nayaks, One of the Comminuties called as Rajus in Trichy and Tanjore as well of Madurai Naidus, This Sacred and Read More ...

Thirubuvanam Silk Sarees - Silkworms are actually not worms at all and whereas the domestic ones. Mostly they are the larvae of ‘Bombyx Mori’ moths. Despite of many innovative changes in the technique of producing the auspicious silk remains the tiny, inconspicuous-looking silkworm and the most critical period comes during the silkworm’s brief life span of around 20 & 24 days. Read More ...

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