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Arulmigu Karpagambal Udanurai Sree Agneeswarar Temple - Kanchanoor Sukran
Surkra Bhagwan Temple Kanchanoor

Kanjanur Sukra Bhagwan Temple is located about 3 KM from Suryanarkoil, Surya Dhosha Parihara Sthalam on the way to Mayiladuthurai. Presiding Deity is Agneeswarar and Goddess Karpagambigai, Karpagambal. Sukran is the Lord of Rishabam and Thula Rasi and faces East. His Adi Devatha is Indran's Physician. His colour is white and the vehicle is Crocodile. Grain associated with him is Mochai. Flower is White Lotus. Cloth is White coloured Cloth. Gem is Diamond. The Food is White coloured boiled Rice mixed preferably with Mochai Cereal, Curd, Ghee or Milk.Sukra Bhagwan endows the devotees who worship towards him with Wealth,

Pleasure, Good Wife, Prosperity and Vehicles. He is the next most beneficial planet after Guru Brihaspathi - Jupiter. If in a person's horoscope, Sukra Bhagwan is well placed, then the person will enjoy all the above benefits without any struggles. He will enjoy Good Food, Fame, Affection among every one and will hold the Influential Status. The presiding deity here Agneeswarar is the embodiment of Sukra Bhagwan.Sukra Dhosha Pariharam - Sukra Bhagwan is mainly associated with Family Life, Taste and Business Life. The compassionate influence of Sukra Bhagwan favours accumulation of Wealth, Jewels, Lands, Happy Life and Successful Business and controls Obesity and Fatness. The ill effects can be minimized by Donating Blue Coloured Cloths, Rice and Sugar Crystals to the needy, Wearing Light or Blue Coloured Cloths on especially on Fridays will please Sukra Bhagwan. Panchamirtha ( Milk, Honey, Ghee, Curd and Sugar together is known as Panchamirtham ) Abishegam to Goddess Lakshmi Devi will please Sukra Bhagwan more as Lakshmi Devi is his Lord. Worshipping Goddess Mahalakshmi with White Flowers, Sandhanam ( Sandalwood Paste ) regularly will appease Sukra Bhagwan. For Sukra Bhagwan Mercury – Budhan and Saturn Saneeswara Bhagwan are friendly where as Suryan – Sun, Chandhran – Moon are hostile . Jupiter – Guru Bhagwan is neither friendly nor hostile.Kanjanoor Temple Legend Arulmigu Karpagambal Udanurai Sree Agneeswarar Temple is the Dhosha Parihara Sthalam dedicated to Sukra Bhagwan. The temple is well renowned for its Murthy, Sthalam, Theertham. Deity, Place and Holy Tank. Since Lord Siva shown HIS wedding posture to Lord Brhama Devar here, HE has HIS consort on Right Side unusually. Like other Navagraha Temples, there is no separate shrine for Sukran here and Lord Parameswaran HIMSELF blessing as Sukra Bhagwan like Lord Somasundarar blessing as Budha Bhagwan in Madurai Menakshi Amman Temple, Lord Siva as Raghu and Kethu Bhagwan in Kalhasthi Temple.There are idols of Manakkamcharar, Kalikamar and Surakkai Patthar with his consort. In Nataraja Mandapam, there is a statue of Lord Siva has Mother Umadevi embodied in HIS own self which is an Unique Feature of Kanchanur Temple. HE is the one who blessed the vision of the dance of enlightenment of Sage Parasurar. Lord Siva is also being worshipped as "Mathisoodumperuman" blessing us to get rid of Sukra Dhoshams. At the exterior of Raja Gopuram Karpaga Vinayagar is at the left of the mandapam blessing facing south. On passing throught he way towards the inner sanctum, there are upa sannadhis of Lord Subramanya on his vahana peacock and Goddess Mahalakshmi Devi, Haradattar Sannadhi is located in Sanndhi street facing towards east. Temple is surrounded by four Radha Veedhis – Street for Chariot procession and the Holy Theerthams are Chandra Theertham, Parasara Thertham, Agni Theertham and Brahma Theertham also known as River Cauvery. Sthala Vriksham is Porasu Tree. It is believed that Adi Prathakshanam around the tree for 16 times a day will get free from the debts. There are Upa Sannidhis for Dakshnia Murthy, Natarajar, Pullunda Nandhi, A Stone Idol of Nandhi, which ate a bunch of Grass as advised by Haradhatthar to save a brahmin guy. since this Nandi is eating the grass its tongue is not seen hanging outside and is being called as “Puullunda Nandhi”. Pul – Grass, Unda – Ate. Vision of Holy Mother is one of the unsurpassed beauty here. Temple Address is Arulmigu Karpagambal Samedha Sree Agneeswarar Temple, Sannathi Street, Kanjanur Post, Thiruvidaimarudur Taluk, Thanjavur - 60980 Tamilnadu

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