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 Vaithyanadha Swamy Temple Pullirukkuvelur- Sevvai Bhagwan - Angarahan Temple
Navagraha Temples Vaitheeswarankoil - Sevvai Bhagwan - Angarahan - The Mars

Pullirukuvelur Vaishyanatha Swamy Temple worshipped as Sree Vaitheeswaran Koil is the temple for Sevvai Bhagwan Dhosha Parihara Sthalam, curing the chronic diseases. The Presiding Deity is Vaidhyanathaswamy also worshipped as Vaitheeswaran - The God of Medicine. He once had cured Sevvai Bhagwan - Angarahan - Planet Mars from the disease of Leprosy and hence the name of Lord Vaitheeswaran. Vaidyanathaswamy is the presiding deity here and His consort is Thayyalnayaki Ambal. Lord Subramanyar is very important here in Vaitheeswaran Koil, who is being worshipped as Selva Muthukumaraswamy.

It is to be noted that Sevvai Bhagwan is is ruled by Lord Subramanyar. During Lord Subramanya’s war with the Demon Tharakasuran – brother of the Demon Soorapadman – there was a lot of casualty on both sides leaving many dead and injured. Lord Shiva obliged Subramnya’s prayer to treat the injured. Sevvai Bhagwan is supposed to have been born out of a drop of sweat that fell from Lord Shiva’s forehead onto the Earth. There is an other legend is that Sevvai Bhagwan is the Son of Sage Bharadwajar and that Goddess Bhooma Devi brought him up. One more legend is also there that Veerabhadra was created by Lord Shiva from his Third Eye - Netrikkan to disturb the yaga of Dakshan, Lord Shiva’s Father-in-law. The Devas were terrified by the havoc created by Veerabhadra. Veerabhadra who became conscious of this fact then calmed down and attained the status of a celestial planet and came to be known as Sevvai Bhagwan. He is red in colour and hence known as Sevvai.

Angarakan or Sevvai Bhagwan is blessing in two forms here. Utsava Murthy - the idol that is taken out in procession during festivals days can be worshipped near to the Vaithyanathaswamy Sannidhi and the Moolava Murthy- the idol that is placed permanently in a place can be worshipped in the Eastern Side of the outer praharam. The Utsava Murthy, mounted on a goat, is taken out in a procession inside the temple premises Every Tuesday. There is a small shrine to Lord Dhanvantari in the circumambulatory path around Vaitheeswaran’s Sannidhi ( Sanctum Sanctorum ). Siddhamruta Theertham, a tank just opposite to Ambal’s shrine, is known to have a good medicinal property, which has been proved again and again. It is believed that taking bath in this Holy tank cures even the chronic and unknown diseases, especially skin related diseases. Angarakan was cured of his leprosy after a dip in the holy water here. It is also known as Goksheera Theertham - Go means cow. Ksheera means Milk as once Kamadhenu’s milk flowed into this holy tank when she performed pooja here. The tank is also called as Ikshura Theertham as it tastes sweet like a cane juice and hence known as Ikshusara - Ikshu means cane and sara means juice. Jadayau had his bath here and hence it is also known as Jadayu Theertham.

Devotees dissolve jaggery here in this temple tank.There are shrines for Lord Vaidhyanathaswamy, Selvamuthukumar, Gajalakshmi, Natarajar, Durgai, Dhanvandhri, Dakshinamurthy, Sattanathar, Jadayu Kundam and Utsavar Angarakan here in vaitheeswarankoil. Near the Eastern Gopuram there are shrines of Jwarahareshwarar - who blesses in most of the Siva temples and cures fever, Palaniandavar and Moolavar Angarakan . The sthala vruksham is Neem Tree, which is in existence since Kritayuga. It was Kadamba in Kritayuga, Vilva in Thretayuga, Vakula in Dwaparayuga and now Neem in Kaliyuga. Aadhi Vaitheeswaran is blessing under the sthala vruksham. It is believed that Sree Rama and Lakshmana cremated Jadayu here. There are upa sannidhis can be worshipped for Sree Rama, Lakshmana, and Vishwamitra. Vasishtha and Jatayu near the Jatayu Kunda. Nethrapidi Sandhanam and Thiruchandu Urundai are two of the prasadams which are believed to cure all types of diseases especially mind related problems and skin diseases. Thiruchandurundai was the one given by Vaidhyanathaswamy to Angarakan to cure his leprosy. It is prepared from Homa Kundam. It is a mixture of sandal powder and saffron with the holy water from the temple tank, which is being applied on Lord Muthukumaraswamy’s forehead before given as a medicine to the devotees.

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