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Kumbakonam Padma Coffee

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee - The probable explanation is that actually it is it not a "Degree Coffee" where as it is Chicory Coffee, which came to be later called as Tikeri and eventually became Degree. The add on powder of Chicory Beans helps to extract more flavour from the Coffee Beans. The purest Milk is known as Degree Milk and the coffee prepared with that became tasted as "Degree Coffee"

The very first coffee decoction is known as the first degree which lead to the name Kumbakonam Degree Coffee  or Kumbakonam Filter Coffee which is a milk coffee and of course one of the Specialties of the Holiest Temple Town Kumbakonam. Coffee Filter - The specialty of the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee is that the coffee powder meant for the purpose is brewed with an Exclusive Specially Designed

Kumbakonam Narasus Coffee
Narasus Coffee Kumbakonam

metal device made of mainly Brass or Ever Silver known as a Coffee Filter which looks like two cylindrical cups where one is on top of the other. The upper compartment has a pierced bottom that rests on the top of the bottom one, leaving room underneath to receive the brewed coffee decoction. Upper compartment has two parts, a pierced pressing disc with a central stem handle, and covering lid.

While preparing coffee decoction, the coffee powder usually mixed with chicory powder is added in the upper compartment of the coffee filter. Meanwhile a cup of water is made to boil and added into the coffee powder. The coffee filter is then closed with the lid and kept aside. It takes at least half an hour for the decoction to be filtered and come into the lower compartment through the pores in the upper one.

Shanthi Coffee Kumbakonam
Kumbakonam Shanthi Coffee

The grounds are gently compressed with the stemmed disc into a uniform layer across the cup's pierced bottom. With the press disc left in place, the upper cup is nested into the top of the tumbler and boiling water is poured inside. The lid is placed on top, and the device is left to slowly drip the brewed coffee into the bottom. Chicory holds on to the hot water a little longer, letting the water extract

more flavor from the coffee powder. Now the milk, preferably the undiluted one is boiled in a pan. By then once the coffee decoction is ready it gives a great flavor and aroma. The strong coffee with all its aroma and flavor is now ready to drink. Usually the coffee tastes great with the first decoction. "Kottai Vadineer" is the Srilankan Tamil Name for the coffee. The term filter coffee is generally supposed

Padma Coffee Kumbakonam
Kumbakonam Mohan Coffee

to be a high quality coffee. The degree coffee got its name from the degree milk which is used in the preparation of coffee. Milk certified as pure with a lactometer was called degree milk. The chicory beans which is used in the preparation of the coffee. The Coffee Decoction is made primarily from the coffee beans about 80% - 90% and the remaining is chicory. Dabarah is the primarily made up of Brass and

it’s a collection of a bowl and a tumbler. The lower bowl is usually used to cool the coffee if it's too hot. Sometimes, when ther is no need for a strong coffee, further decoctions can be prepared just by adding the boiling water to the existing powder in the filter, may be a small quanity of coffee powder can be added if required. Of course, second or the third decoction will not be as strong as the first decoction.

Mohan Coffee Kumbakonam
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Kumbakonam Degree Coffee
Degree Coffee Shops Kumbakonam
Kumbakonam Degree Coffee
Kumbakonam Degree Coffee
Kumbakonam Degree Coffee
Kumbakonam Degree Coffee