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Keezhaperumpallam Naghanatha Swamy Temple - Kethu Bhagwan Dhosha Parikara Sthalam 
Kethu Bhagwan Temple Keelaperumpallam

Keezhaperumpallam Naganatha Swamy Temple for Kethu Bhagwan Dhosha Parikaram is located around 6 kms from Thiruvengaadu, Budhan Dhosha Parikara Sthalam enroute to Poompuhar. The unique feature is that devotees can worship Kethu Bhagwan with his head worshipping Naganathaswamy folded his hands high, which is very rate to worship. Kethu Dhasham make one stricken with addiction to bad habits, loss of fame and property, loss of fame, life without children or with bad ones. By worshipping Kethu Bhagwan devotees will be blessed with property, land, gold, vehicle, fame, wife, children, happiness, unexpected property gains are the beneficial

aspects of Kethu Bhagwan. Loss in business, leprosy, poisonous bites are the aspects of this planet. Presiding deities are Naaganaadaswamy along with HIS consort Soundara Nayagi. Kethu Bahgwan is blessing facing North West direction. His Adi Devatha is Chitraguptan and Prathyathi Devatha is Lord Brahma Devar. His colour is Multi Colour. Vahana is Eagle. Grain associated is Kollu. Flower is Red Alli. Fabric is Multi Coloured Cloth. Gem is Vaidooriyam and the Naivedhyam us the Rice mixed with Kollu. Kethu Bhagwan of the southern point of the Moon is the Chayya Graha - Dhadow Planet, who is considered a worldly malefic and spiritually benefic planet, as he causes a mild amount of sorrow, loss and thus turns a person towards Spirituality.He signifies spirituality and represents the spiritual process of evolution.

Unlike its counterpart Raghu Bhagwan, he also does not have any material embodiment. Being a Chaya Graha, he simply acts as per the bhava or the house where it is seated. But like its counterpart Raghu, the northern node of the moon, it also signifies sudden actions like an accident or lottery gains. Kethu indicates secrecy, dissatisfaction with the materialistic world. hidden enemies, greed, proficiency in languagesand also represents obsessive personality, mass tragedies and mysterious diseases. However the mental agony, uncertainty and the fear of the unknown is greatly felt. Kethu Dosham makes the persons to be stricken with fears of dacoity, bad habits, loss of property, loss of face, putra-dosham. By worshipping and offering poojas and prayers to Kethu Bhagavan devotees can get rid of the all the problems. Evil effect of Kethu Bahgwan will create obstacles in one’s endeavors, enemy and ill – health. Moksham, Good Eye Sight, Property, Land, Gold, Vehicle, Fame, Wife, Children, Happiness, Unexpected Property Gains like Lottery are the beneficial aspects of Kethu.

Kethu Bhagwan signifies Intelligence, Liberation, Wisdom, Non-Attachment, Deep Insight and Psychic Abilities. Regular propitiation of Kethu Bhagwan removes possibility of Accidents, Insect Bites, Allergy etc. As in the case of Raghu, Kethu also being a shadowy planet showers blessings on the house it occupies. Keelaperumpallam Naganatha Swamy Temple is located about 20 km from SriKali, where Kethu Bhagwan is blessing in a separate sanctum facing North-West direction aong with his consort Chitralekha. This place is also known as Vanagiri. Here in this temple Kethu Bhagwan worshipped the presiding deity Naaganaadha Swamy and was blessed by him to get rid of his sins. Kethu Bhagavan did severe penance towards Naganadhaswamy and is seen as worshiping Naganadhaswami with his folded hands held high. He is seen with his head which is very rare image. When Kethu Bhagwan is pleased, he will bless the devotees with the better financial status, good health, peace of mind and over all happiness in the life. Worshipping and fasting on Tuesday and worshiping in the night will relieve the ill effect of Kethu Bhagwan.Kethu Bhagwan Moola Mantram - Aum Hrim Krum Krura Rupine Kethave Aim Suh Svaha. Kethu. Kethu Bhagwan Gayathri Mantra- AUM Chitravarnaya Vidhmahe, Sarparoopaya Dhimahi, Tanno Kethu Prachodayath. The period of Kethu Bhagwan is 7 Years and he is the one who decides whether an individual should attaine Moksha or Not. In the west end there are shrines for Lord Vinayaga, Lord Murugan with HIS Consorts Valli and Deivanai, Durgai Amman, Lakshmi Devi, Narayanar, Maheswari and Gajalakshmi to be worshipped by the devotees here in this Kethu Temple.

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