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Arulmigu Kailasanathar Temple - Chandhra Dhosha Parihara Sthalam- Thingalur 
Chandra Bhagwan Temple Thingalur

Thingaloor Kailasanathar Temple - Chandhra Dhosha Parikara Sthalam of the Navagrahas is located in a small village called Thingalur near Thiruvaiyaru, Tanjore District, approximately 30 KM from Kumbakonam via Swamimalai. Thingalur is the sthalam for Chandran. Thingal in Tamil means Chandran. Hence the name Thingalur. Presiding deities are Lord Kailasanathar and his consort Periyanayaki Amman. This is the place where Chandran blessed by Kailasanathar to get rid of his sins. When Devas and Asuras were churning Thiruparkadal using Mandhra Hill and Serpant Vasuki, the asuras held the head portion of the snake and devas held the tail portion

Due to the heavy pain during the churning, Vasuki emitted the dangerous poison and the same was consumed by Lord Siva to save the devas, but the toxicity of venom affected the Devas who swooned on its impact. Alongwith the Nectar - Amirhdam, Chandran emerged and it was he who revived the Devas. When Lord Vishnu was distributing the blessed Nectar amongs the devas and asuras, at the behest of Sukracharya, one of the asuras in the guise of a deva consumed the nectar. Suryan and Chandran noticed this and complained to Lord Vishnu. An angry Vishnu, who was distributing the nectar in the guise of Mohini - An Avatar used his Chakrayudham to cut the asura into two and threw them away.

Since the Asura consumed the Nectar he was not dead. Later pleased Lord Maha Vishnu joined the head with a snake’s body who was later became Raghu Bhagavan. He joined the head of a snake with the body portion who was later became Kethu Bhagwan. Eventhought they became The Navagrahas, Raghu and Kethu did not forgive Suryan and Chandran. Rahu went after Chandran and started consuming him. It is here that Chandran prayed to Lord Siva and got his blessings. Lord Shiva as Kailasanathar blessed Chandran with the power to grow back to full moon in 15 days after being consumed by Raghu, which is known as Waxing and Waning Moon. Lord Shiva also gave Chandran a previlege by adorning on his forehead as one of his ornaments.

Appoothi Adigal and Thirunavukkarasar - Appoothi Adigal was born in the village of Thingalur. he was an adherent follower of Thirunavukkarasar, one among the 63 Nayanmars, But Appoothi Adigal was not even seen Thirunavukkarasar. He did a lot of welfare activities in his home town and all in the name of Thirunavukkarasar. Once Thirunavukkarasar on his pilgrimage came down to Thingalur and heard about Appoothi Adigal. He got surprised and went to his house to see who Appoothi Adigal was, and consented to partake in the meal offerred by him.

To serve food for Thirunavukkarasar, Appoothi Adigal sent his son to the garden to fetch a plantain leaf. When on this errand, a snake bit him and the lad passed away. Not wishing to disappoint his guest, Appoothi Adigal covered the corpse of his son and tried to serve Thirunavukkarasar. But realising the situation, Thirunavukkarasar carried the corpse to the temple of Lord siva in Thingalur and revived the boy singing and imploring the Lord with his Thirupadigam. Dosham to mother, mental retardation, skin and nerve problems, jaundice, fluid accumalation are the diseases caused because of Chandra Dosham. By praying to Lord Chandran, the above afflictions can be overcome. Wealth, Mother’s and Wife’s happiness, Government's Help, Ownership of Vehicle, Marriage, Offsprings, Prosperity, Foreign Travel will be bestowed on his devotees. Presiding deities are Lord Kailasanathar and his consort Periyanayaki Amman. Lord Shiva blessed Chandran to regain his beauty and brightness slowly day by day. This waxing period of the moon is called Sukla Paksham or Valarpirai. From Pournami he again starts loosing his beauty and brightness till the New Moon Day or Ammavasai. This waning period of the moon is called Krishna Paksham or Theipirai. Chandran is the Lord of Kadaga Rasi and he faces the South-East direction. The Adi Devatha is Water. Prathyathi Devatha is Gowri. His colour is White and his Vehicle is White Horse. Grain associated with him is Paddy, the rice. The folwer is White Arali. Fabric is White Coloured Cloth. The Gem is Pearl. Preferable Naivedhyam is Curd Rice

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